How Many SEO Keywords Should You Use on Each Page of Your Website?

So, you know what SEO is, and you know it has a lot to do with carefully crafted keywords. How does that work, though? Do you just slap a bunch of keywords into an article or service page and hope for the best? Is there a concrete number of keywords you need to find success with SEO?

Well, no. None of that works.

SEO used to be fairly straightforward, and it was honestly pretty easily manipulated. That’s why there was a lengthy period where you’d find a bunch of nonsensical content with random keywords stuffed throughout it for pretty much any high-traffic Google search.

Now, things are a bit different. Now, your keyword placement needs to be more carefully thought out, and each word needs to have a purpose. It’s a bit more complicated.

So, how many SEO keywords should you use on each page of your website? Here’s an answer.

There is No Hard Number to Go Off of


The truth is, there is no concrete number for you to go off of. The keyword requirement for your site will differ dramatically from that of any other site.


It can even vary depending on what page of your website you’re looking at. A service page describing what you offer may need more or less than your homepage, and an About Us section might only need one carefully crafted sentence.


Here are a few of the factors that determine your keyword needs.

Nature of the Website:


Is your website an eCommerce store that sells products allover the world? Is it an online presence for a brick-and-mortar company that just functions for marketing purposes?


Those are two types of websites, but there are many more out there. Depending on what your site is designed to accomplish, more or fewer keywords may be necessary.


Nature of the Content:


Your site is comprised of several web pages. Each one of those is dramatically different.


Your homepage, or the main landing page for your site, will likely be where the majority of your visitors end up at first. It has its own SEO requirements to cover the general aspects of your company. Your service pages, which should cover each service you offer individually, will have their own requirements to focus the SEO specifically on that service. Also, things such as blog posts and other pages will be dramatically different than just your standard website page.


Nature of your Business:


Your business itself influences what type of SEO you need. If you're a very niche company, the SEO will have to be tailored to match that. If you're competing in a saturated industry, that has to be taken into account, too.


Get Professional SEO Help


As you can see, it’s a bit more difficult than creating content that has a specific sentence or word in it an exact number of times. You have to understand a lot of underlying factors that honestly require a specialist.


Don’t try to handle your SEO needs on your own. Instead, contact us for an all-encompassing SEO audit. We'll go over your existing content to determine its SEO needs, strategize to improve your SEO and stick around for the implementation process.