Why Keyword Research is the Most Important Part of SEO

You know SEO is important for your online presence, and you know that it’s basically essential for running a business in 2022. At first, it seems pretty basic, but when you look deeper, it’s comprised of dozens of tiny components that all work together to create the jaw-dropping effects you’re looking for.


One of those components is at the heart of the entire process, though: Keywords.


Keywords are easily the most important part of SEO, and practically every other thing you do during an SEO project will be directly affected by how well you chose your keywords.


So, researching the right keywords is honestly the most important step in any SEO project.


Let’s look at it in-depth.

Why are Keywords Important?


Keywords are the primary things that a search engine looks for to match a searcher’s search terms with relevant content.


For example, if someone is looking for “Best crappie fishing pole”, Google, or whatever search engine they’re using, will skim the internet for articles, videos, and everything else that includes that phrase and other common search terms such as “crappie fishing”, “fishing poles for crappie” and other relevant terms.


Content creators that use those common search terms in the most organized and easily recognizable ways will typically rank higher in the search results than ones that don’t utilize them well, and sites that don’t contain them won’t show up at all.


Why is Researching Keywords Important?


As you can see, your choice in keywords will determine whether you rank high or don’t even show up in search results relevant to what you offer. So, they’re obviously not something you want to choose at random or haphazardly guess.


Instead, you want to research what people are searching for when they want to buy your type of products or services, and you want to see exactly what they’re typing into search engines most frequently.


If you can’t match these terms exactly, you won’t be showing up in many searches. You also won’t be able to truly optimize your SEO without this information.


The differences can also be very subtle. Looking at fishing again, the phrase “Best crappie fishing pole” might be the most commonly used term by searchers, but “crappie poles” might pull up an entirely different type of search result irrelevant to your products. The little differences matter.


You Need Optimized SEO Efforts, and Research is Necessary


Without researching keywords, you’ll have no idea what tor evolve your content around. You can take a wild guess, and you might even get close to the best keywords possible, but even a tiny difference can result in you getting nearly zero organic traffic out of your effort.


Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own. I can help.


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